Pearl Necklaces

Pearls were featured in one of the oldest examples of necklaces. Pearls have long been adored by Ancient Egyptians and Indians, and their popularity has never diminished since. Damalys Diamond brings a contemporary approach to the classic pearl necklace design. You may choose between Silver, Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum to build the perfect Pearl Necklace. Damalys Diamond's customization option lets you create a Pearl Necklace with Black, Pink or White Pearls. You may also ornament your Pearl Necklace with Diamond, Precious Gemstones such as Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Semi-Precious Gemstones, and Cubic Zirconia.

14K Yellow Gold

14K Yellow Gold consists of 58.3% pure gold, the remaining parts are other alloys which give the gold durability. The reason behind this is that gold in its pure form is a soft metal and it should be mixed with alloys to enhance its sturdiness.14 out of 24 parts is pure gold, hence the name 14K Gold.


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14K Yellow Gold

White Pearl & Diamond

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